Have you heard this before? “A celebrity went to visit a nursing home for a charity event and was dismayed that no one seemed to recognize him. He started thinking that, perhaps, the old folks were just being polite by not accosting him for autographs and the like. So he went up to one old lady and said, ‘Do you know who I am?’

“The lady smiled and instantly the celebrity was reassured that the fame he’d worked so hard for hadn’t slipped away. The old lady said, ‘Don’t worry. The nurse can tell you who you are.'”

I know who I am. Seriously, I do. But I haven’t yet had the time to write it out. Or maybe I just can’t think of anything interesting to say about myself. I’m not a celebrity. In fact, I don’t know any celebrities. Unless, of course, you consider Ron Backes, a 1992 Olympian, a celebrity. And I also know a former major league baseball player. And a few Minnesota politicians. And Jackie, who is a gifted writer who thinks deep thoughts and will be famous some day.

And Jesus Christ. Yeah, I know him, and he knows me. In fact, he calls me “Friend.” I can’t think of a better line on my resume than that.


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